Vinod Kumar Kodakkat


Vinod Kumar Kodakkat

Vinod Kumar Kodakkat has Masters Degrees in Science and Technology from BITS Pilani and IIT Madras and brings over three decades of business and technology experience with a unique blend of entrepreneurial, techno-management and marketing skills and expertise. Vinod has been an entrepreneur throughout his career in business and technology in the fields of, Embedded and Information technologies, Healthcare, Agriculture and Plantations with a focus on Coffee, Foods and Spices.

In the healthcare area, Vinod co-founded Shibumi Medical Systems in 1982 to represent top-of-the-line Japanese medical equipment companies in India. Shibumi focused on business with Japanese companies and through the eighties and nineties grew the India business and customers as well as the relationship with principal companies and partners in Japan. These included leading Medical Equipment companies like Nihon Kohden Corporation, Toshiba Medical Systems and Nippon Infrared Industries, NIIC. During this period, the Shibumi team also delivered and implemented Japanese overseas development assistance (ODA) health care projects for Mitsubishi and Nissho Iwai for hospitals in India.

Enterprise IT software, business solutions, ERP and supply chain solutions for Global and Indian companies were provided from the mid nineties through Cal-Info and Bristlecone Software Solutions, the India arm of the US based SAP business focused company Bristlecone Inc. covering India, Middle East, APAC and Japan setup by Vinod as Managing Director.

Edkal Business Solutions was established in 2005 by Vinod, as the co-founder, to provide ERP, R&D Manufacturing, Technology and Business solutions to Sami Labs, a global life science group of companies and other customers worldwide. As Managing Director and CEO of the Indian and Japanese Edkal group companies, Vinod setup Edkal Japan Branch and Yugen Kaisha Company in Tokyo to provide focused solutions, services and support to Japanese clients. During this period, Edkal Academy for Japanese training and a Japan business center of excellence, COE were setup in Edkal Bangalore, India in association with RACS Consulting, AOTS and JETRO.

In 2008, Vinod setup and managed the India arm of Saset Healthcare, an end to end ultrasound diagnostic scanner product start-up multinational company and Sirius Embedded Software, an infotainment and telematics products and services company with associates and business in India and overseas.

Vinod is the founder partner of WinWorth Properties LLP committed to the protection of the eco-system and preservation of natural resources by making ecology saving techniques happen in reality through green eco-friendly projects and programs.

In addition to his vast experience and senior management roles in Technology and Healthcare companies since the eighties, Vinod has been a Director at Kusumam Foods & Spices Pvt. Ltd. for several years. As a Director of the companies in the Kusumam Group covering foods, spices, hospitality and related enterprises, Vinod was actively involved as a board member in the setup, operations, processing, marketing, adoption and implementation of technologies and processes. Vinod through Padivayal Enterprise and Padivayal Agro Pvt. Ltd. along with their team of experienced agriculture specialists of repute and associate partner companies now provide advisory, consulting solutions and training in these areas.


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