Padivayal Enterprise offers innovative emerging technology smart products and solutions with bespoke services and support programs.

V PAD from Padivayal Enterprise empowers users and enables events and programs to provide the best Value and Experience to all stake holders.

V PAD is an enabler of events, programs and activities by providing convenient ease of use, useful functionality and best Value to all stake holders, empowering Wholistic Living.

V PAD Smart Solutions empowers users through apps, portal and smart devices that interact with them, their groups, areas of interest and environment through ubiquitous models by application of technology, intelligence, learning, cloud,  IoT smart solutions and bespoke fulfillment support services.

Event Enabler

  • V PAD enables Activities, Events and Programs, facilitates the conduct of Functions and Celebrations through collaborative participation, interactive networking and sharing of experiences of mutually beneficial interests while seamlessly serving deserving societal causes in an inclusive manner.
  • V PAD enables people with their busy lifestyles to experience different types of events, programs and functions and conduct them and associated activities using best practices in an efficient and transparent manner.
  • V PAD enables users to collaborate and participate in different activities of their choice based on their Interests both individually as well as collectively with their Groups.

Users and Groups

The V PAD platform and solutions provides a seamless wholistic life experience that is based on User and Group preferences with interactive networking, bonding and sharing, embellished with related bespoke fulfillment services.

Value Creation

V PAD creates Value and enables users to champion the Societal Causes of their interest that are close to their hearts, both individually as well as collectively along with their groups by providing avenues for them to contribute and participate through V PAD Value Creation events in the initiatives for fund raising and dissemination to Supportive and Charitable Causes. These include customized models as well as CSV and CSR models.

V PAD enables Creating Shared Value “CSV” initiatives through Events, Functions and Programs that empower enterprises and businesses that are inclusive and benefit the base-of-the-pyramid “BOP”.

V PAD enables Corporate Social Responsibility “CSR” programs and provides a window to the activities and feedback on their health over the long term to ensure that the societal responsibility is fulfilled as envisaged and the programs continue to be sustainable.



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