V PAD Value Creation


V PAD Value Creation

V PAD creates Value and enables users to champion the Causes of their interest that are close to their hearts, both individually as well as collectively along with their groups by providing avenues for them to contribute and participate through V PAD Value Creation events in the initiatives for fund raising and dissemination to Supportive and Charitable Causes. These include customized models as well as CSV and CSR models.

V PAD enables Creating Shared Value “CSV” initiatives through Events, Functions and Programs that empower enterprises and businesses that are inclusive and benefit the base-of-the-pyramid “BOP”.

The “CSV” Creating Shared Value model aims to solve social problems through business activities which would accomplish both social value and value for the companies and all stake holders. CSV provides strong brand affinity and value to companies in the long term. Typically, CSV businesses are inclusive targeting the Base of the Pyramid “BOP” and based on a win-win outcome for the society, company and all organisations related to the inclusive business.

The motivation of CSV programs is competitive advantage, the main driver corporate strategy and the approach proactive. The program is managed across the whole firm and the results measured by the social and economic value created. The business benefits are new business opportunities and partnerships and the social benefits are large sustainable changes.

V PAD enables Corporate Social Responsibility “CSR” programs and provides a window to the activities and feedback on their health over the long term to ensure that the societal responsibility is fulfilled as envisaged and the programs continue to be sustainable.

The “CSR” Corporate Social Responsibility model provides companies a way to return a part of its profit to societies. Many of these are philanthropic activities which do not have a direct relevance to the business of the company. While this model does not increase the relative value of the company, the support costs must be met for the program to be sustainable.

The motivation of CSR programs is corporate reputation, the main driver external stake holders and the approach reactive. The program is managed by the company’s public affairs department and results measured by the spend and standard “ESG” Environmental, Social and Governance metrics. The business benefits are risk reduction and goodwill and the social benefits are successful projects.

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