Sudarsan Kailash


Dr. Sudars Kailash

Dr. Sudarsh has a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from The Indian Institute of Science (IISc.) and specializes in research, planning and strategy, customer and collaborator relations and people management especially in the Indian context.

As early as 1985, he was head of planning and execution for the 40 million Rupee MONTBLEX weather project which was the largest weather project ever done in India and the biggest atmospheric boundary layer project executed in the world.

Till 2000 he was the Deputy Project Director of the SARAS Light Transport aircraft project to build an 8 to 18 seater state-of-the-art turboprop, the first civil aircraft to be designed and built in India.

From 2001 to 2004, he was heading technology at Siemens, India, and established Siemens R&D in India. He founded Abstract Algorithms, Algo-Rhythmics Innovations and other companies. He is associated with the Pattern Recognition Research Institute, a not-for-profit trust engaged in research and training at Bangalore.

In addition, Dr. Sudarsh has world-class technical ability in pattern recognition research. He commands the respect of the worlds best in many technical areas. He is considered an expert in his chosen areas of research and was a pioneer either in India or the world in almost all these fields.

He has invented many world-best technologies including the worlds fastest 2D Continuous wavelet transform software (sold to Critical Technologies Inc, U.S.A.) and the worlds best Voice Recognition system (sold to Govt. of India, led to the first ever conviction and death sentence to terrorists) etc. He continues to be active in research. With over 20 years of hands-on software development and management experience, he makes for a unique mix of manager and practicing technologist, especially in Indian conditions.

Dr. Sudarsh has developed strong and deep friendships with vast range of people among government, think tanks, academia, experts and intellectuals worldwide and in India. He is well known in the Indian and international scientific community, having collaborated with a number of the distinguished academics from all over the world, including policy makers at the national level and has held various visitor positions in the U.S.A, the Netherlands, Singapore, Germany
and Russia.


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