Padivayal Enterprise offers innovative emerging technology smart products and solutions with bespoke services and support programs.

V IoT-A Smart Solutions from Padivayal Enterprise are designed to empower physical world interaction and enrich human environment interaction.

V IoT-A ‘Smart Agro’ provides solutions for plantation farm and agriculture automation, monitoring and remote management using sensors, IOT devices, cloud computing and actuators. It can be interfaced seamlessly to app and portal external applications.

Smart Devices interact with the users, the environment and among themselves by ubiquitous computing models providing a user friendly customized experience through a cloud-based platform, solutions and bespoke fulfillment support services. with embedded sensor-based devices, controllers and activators that Sense, Enable and Automate.

Locations are sensed to ease access for the user to localized services linked to relevant information services to automatically adapt to evolving requirements. These provide secure access and value added benefits to users.

Product and Solutions

V IoT-A ‘Smart Agro’ provides smart farm solutions for plantations and agriculture through automation, integrated management of operations, resources, precision irrigation, tree tracking, identification of issues, automation, monitoring and remote management using sensors, IoT devices, cloud computing and actuators provides the required data on ambient and soil parameters.

The system provides information on the requirements and health needs of crops for their continuous care and timely interventions. It takes care of adaptive optimum automatic delivery of water and nutrients, preservation of the soil, protection of the ecology and conservation of natural resources.


IoT-A Smart Solutions are designed to enrich human social interactions and enable physical world interactions with embedded sensor-based smart devices and controls that sense, enable and automate activities. Locations are sensed to automatically adapt and ease access for the user to information and localized services linked to information services. These provide value added benefits to users like map and route to the destination, devices such as smart cards and mobile phones with QR codes and identity detectors to gain secure access to information and services in the facilities and environment.

Many aspects of agriculture production benefit from the optimum and efficient use of resources like energy, nutrients, and water. V IoT-A ‘Smart Agro’ harnesses the power of information technology, the internet cloud, IoT, expert Knowledge Management, Artificial Intelligence, Learning and Support Systems to aid in monitoring the health of crops, tracking trees, conserving the eco-system, identification of diseases and pests for interventions.

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