IBM Training

Padivayal Enterprise offers IBM training through a partnership with ITMS and Arrow ECS Learning Solutions, one of IBM’s select global training providers. Padivayal delivers authorized training for the design, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of IBM software, technology, hardware, and storage.

Through the partnership with IBM by a signed TSDP Agreement with ITMS & Arrow ECS Learning Solutions, Padivayal Enterprise offers the award winning IBM technical training that is exclusive to IBM’s global training providers. Padivayal further empowers the learning experience and extends its coverage and networked effectiveness through its V PAD platform and Apps.

By signing up with us for your IBM technology skill development requirements, you can optimize your IBM technology investment with training and certifications on IBM systems and software, including IBM’s most popular courses. Take the full advantage of your IBM technology investment by enrolling in training that will provide you with the necessary skills you need to operate and manage your IT demands.

As an IBM Education Delivery and IBM Sales Partner of Arrow ECS, Padivayal Enterprise offers IBM curriculum covering multiple technical courses offering you the necessary skills for the optimal deployment of IBM solutions in the field of IT-infrastructure and software.

If you are an IT solutions provider or end user, you can turn to us with confidence for expert, award-winning training with IBM hardware and software. You’ll learn the skills to realize your full potential, both now and in the future. We enable end users to achieve the maximum return on their training investment, while IT solutions providers can achieve the certifications they need to offer exceptional IBM solutions and provide new training options for their customers.

Choose from hundreds of courses delivered through the integrated learning methods for IBM training from Padivayal Enterprise in collaboration with ITMS and Arrow ECS Learning Solutions. These include the SPVC and WBT training delivery formats. Other training delivery formats onsite and offsite with or without insructors are also available.

IBM Self-Paced Virtual Courses (SPVC) & Web-Based Training (WBT)
This training format offers you maximum flexibility and control over you learning. You can train and study at your own pace, schedule and place. These courses offer the best way to maximize your time and your training budget.

Key Features and Benefits of SPVC & WBT IBM Training Programs
• Lower travel expenses and training budgets while maximizing time spent at your comfort and speed
• Content, exercises and hands-on labs same as instructor-led courses
• Recorded lecture, demonstrations and exercises providing virtual Instructors based on your needs
• Hands-on labs with real IBM software
• Access to expert and peer forums with feedback from instructors and fellow students
• Flexible self-paced  training as and when and where you want at your convenience

If you are enrolling for the IBM SPVC & WBT program, to review the Self-Paced Virtual Classes and Web-Based training classes as well as the system requirements to ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements for this course, click here to visit the IBM Training Terms and Conditions page.

For more information please click to visit the IBM Training and Skills page.

You can mail us at for your requirements and support for IBM Training programs from Padivayal Enterprise powered by V PAD.

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